Last updated on 02-16-2012
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We help people with ALL TYPES OF BRAIN INJURIES, whether caused by stroke, aneurysm, anoxia, tumors, surgery, brain disease, brain bleeds, car wrecks, falls, beatings, sports, military, etc.

Services for both the brain-injured survivor and his or her caregivers, provided by brain-injured survivors and/or caregivers of a brain-injured loved one:

  • On-site visits to the hospital or rehabilitation facility (see Facilities Served)
  • Specially arranged visits to other survivor's locations not on Facilities Served list
  • Phone call visits
  • Email

All of our Brain Injury Peer Visitors:

  • Are brain injury survivors, family members, and caregivers
  • Are trained by community Brain Injury Professionals
  • Undergo background checks and health screenings
  • Visit survivors/families in the hospital or rehabilitation facility (see Facilities Served, and talk via phone or email
  • Offer private consultations with brain injury survivors and their families
  • Provide a informative packet of information on brain injury
  • Provide hope, education, and resources
  • Answer questions about recovery
  • Listen to your concerns and needs
  • Give you a packet of information on brain injury, with stories, booklists, resource lists, websites, and more

Our Peer Visitors are prepared to discuss a variety of topics, such as:

  • Stages of recovery
  • Expectations for the future
  • Therapies (physical and mental) — why these can be helpful; their purpose
  • Social Security or disability benefits
  • The Brain & Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission (services it provides; requirements for awards)
  • Working in the future
  • Driving in the future
  • Interpersonal relationships (with spouse, family, friends)