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Last updated on 12-04-2013
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I know each of the following authors personally. They are survivors and caregivers. Their books are marvelous. They have a huge heart, truly understand brain injury, and are each also volunteering in their community to assist survivors and their families in conquering brain injury.

- Ann Boriskie, Director of the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association®

Brain Storm: A Journey of Faith Through Brain Injury
By Laura & Bruce Allen

Brain Storm cover

Brain Storm is a down-to-earth, practical, yet real presentation of the frightening, often gut-wrenching truths and experiences associated with a brain injury. This book clearly allows the reader to travel through the storm of a brain injury through the unique perspectives from both the survivor and the caregiver. A must-read for every brain injury survivor and their caregiver, family, and friends and for anyone needing to understand and believe that you can "weather the storm" to become a better person than before.

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Super Announcement:
Brain Storm is now on the market as an audiobook as well as an e-book, hardcopy, and paperback!

It is available for $3.99 at WestBow Press

Bruce and Laura Allen

Head Lights For Dark Roads: Packing Humor and Hope for the Unexpected Trip Through Traumatic Brain Injury
By Diane Quimby

Head Lights cover

Diane Quimby, another member of our Brain Injury Peer Visiting Team and a graduate of both Shepherd Center and Shepherd Pathways, wrote this incredible book. Join Diane on her personal journey of survival of a horrific car wreck, injuring both her body and brain, as told in her amazing book, Head Lights for Dark Roads. You will enter the mind of a brain injury survivor through her vivid words of humor and sadness. Her journey will guide you to a brighter future of recovery and an understanding of God's plan for your new life post-traumatic brain injury.

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Mention the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association.

Reconstructing David
By Deanna Scott

Reconstructing David cover

Reconstructing David is an intimate story of a mother's dedication and devotion to her teenage son's recovery after a brutal motorcycle accident, and the things she learned through David's eight weeks in a coma from traumatic brain injury. The book provides an insight into roles that instinct and love play in the care and recovery process. You will be enraged, you will laugh, you will cry, and to top it all you will finish the book wanting to know more and looking forward to Book 2.

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write: Reconstructing David
1459 Eastwood Avenue
Highland Park, IL 60035
David and Deanna Scott

The Climb of Your Life
By Dan Miears

The Climb cover

My life's journey has not been one of an amazing recovery as much as one of an amazing discovery. Get ready to take a humorous and emotional journey with me as you discover a lot about me and more about yourself. Essentially there are only two climbs in life we can take: the easy climb, or the ultimate climb! Which one are you taking now? Get ready for The Climb of Your Life.

- Dan Miears

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Dan Miears

The Detours
By Neil Ligon

The Detours cover

Neil, one of our Peer Visitors at Shepherd Center and Grady Hospital, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury right after he had "passed the bar exam" to become a practicing attorney. Months of hospitals and rehabilitation followed, and he is back at work as an attorney.

In Neil's own words, "This is the story of a boy robbed of what he knew about himself who set out to learn enough to want to live the life in front of him."

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online: Deeds Publishing

Neil Ligon award

Why Scotty?
By Wynell Hunt with Terry Lee

Reconstructing David cover

Written by Scotty's mother, this touching story describes the ordeal of Scotty's devastating car wreck, the hospital stay, rehabilitation, and his triumphant road back to recovery.

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write: C.O.P.I.N. Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 1962
Cumming, GA 30028