Last updated on 04-26-2016

2nd Annual Open Water Swim for Brain Injury!

The 2nd Annual Water Swim for Brain Injury was another huge success.

It was held on Saturday August 22, 2015 at Lake Allatoona. The weather was gorgeous and we had many supporters and members of both The Seminole Spirit and the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association on hand to cheer for the participants.

An extra thanks goes to Mark Halvorsen, for organizing this swim event, and to Pete Farren, who helped safely run our swim.

Donations went to the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association, to help pay for the amazing Packets of Information that are given to every brain injured (and stroke) survivor and their family that the team Peer Visits.

THANKS TO EACH OF YOU who graciously donated to our 2nd Annual Water Swim!

Mark Halvorsen, leader of The Seminole Spirit Support Group, organized and ran the Open Water Swim Events, which benefitted the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association. This event was a huge success. There were a lot of swimmers who participated at Red Rock Mountain Park — many of the swimmers were brain injury survivors and caregivers of brain injury survivors.

THANKS to all of the donors and to the swimmers, and a huge thank-you to Mark Halvorsen for his efforts to raise money for an all-volunteer association, where every penny goes right back into the association (no salaries).